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Learn About Cataracts Conditions

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Blurry, fuzzy vision can significantly hinder what an individual is able to do and can ultimately lower a person’s quality of life. If you or a relative is experiencing blurred of reduced vision, then you have certainly come to the right place. Here at DoctorQA we offer you an extensive amount of up-to-date information on several eye-related medical conditions. The quality eye-related information we offer is not only understandable, but is also accurate due to the fact that the information is approved by experienced eye doctors with years of industry experience. After navigating and reading through our site, you will have an increased knowledge about cataracts and other eye-related conditions.

Whether you have come to DoctorQA to learn more about macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, congenital cataracts or even about itchy eyes, our expansive network connects knowledgeable, experienced doctors with people like you; offering you information straight from a doctor’s mouth.

If you are experiencing itchy, watery eyes or have noticed significant changes in the quality of your vision, be sure to read through these pages (or have a loved one assist you with reading) to find out whether or not your symptoms require immediate medical attention. If your symptoms are less serious, the information in the links below will underline the specifics of eye-related medical conditions and treatment options. 

With age comes wisdom and maturity but also comes the potential for cataracts to develop. Over time proteins in your eyes can clump together, a process called ‘denaturing’, and cloud the lenses of your eyes, reducing the quality and clarity of your vision. Left untreated cataracts can potentially lead to blindness, however, with our technologically advanced procedures this rarely happens. Cataracts can be surgically removed with little to no complications and their removal will drastically improve a patient’s vision. Navigate through the links below to learn more about the various types of cataracts and recommended treatment options. 

Conditions such as itchy eyes are usually associated with ocular allergies (eye allergies) and can be quite unpleasant. In order to find out how to best treat your itchy eyes visit the link below before making an appointment with a doctor. Other conditions such as diabetic retinopathy occur as a result of a preexisting condition, in this case diabetes. In diabetic retinopathy tiny blood vessels in the retina begin to fail as a result of high sugar levels. Patients with this condition should visit a doctor once a year to have their eyes examined. For more information you can scroll down to the diabetic retinopathy link below.

From amblyopia and astigmatism to cataracts and itchy eyes, the information here at Doctor QA is here to help you learn more about your eye condition and in finding out the best treatment option available. If you are looking for information that is not provided on the site, be sure to use the Q&A form to submit a medical question to a doctor in your area. This service is completely free of charge. 

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