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Reading Glasses

Beginning around age 35-40 many people may begin to notice a decline in their vision. This decline is known as presbyopia and is marked by difficulties when trying to see up close, during activities such as reading or working on a computer. This loss in vision can be corrected through glasses and contact lenses. Generally after the age of 40 vision declines enough to change a prescription every 10 years. Presbyopia is entirely age related and caused by the hardening of the lens found in the interior of the eye. Because it is age related it is not preventable but can be easily treated. If you find yourself holding your reading material far away from your face, you may need to consider wearing glasses.

Reading classes are the go to treatment for presbyopia. There are multiple types of reading glasses available. There are many varieties available in drug stores. These glasses come in strengths ranging from one diopter to 3.5, generally increasing in increments of 0.25. Because these are relatively inexpensive it is possible to own a variety of styles and leave glasses in multiple locations such as an office, home, car and a pair for travel. These glasses will not damage your vision or make the natural decline in vision happen quicker. You are able to test out different strengths by bringing reading material with you when you go to purchase a pair. Holding the reading material at a ‘normal’ distance and determining when you are able to read efficiently is the best method find the right amount of correction. If the prescription is too strong or too weak you will need to adjust how you hold your paper. However, there are some drawbacks to store bought glasses. Since they are made for a one size fits all they may not be able to adapt to all face shapes. Secondly, com they offer the same correction in both eyes and there are few people who have the exact same decline in vision in both eyes. Further the optical center of ready-made glasses may not match your own and can lead to vision problems not being sufficiently corrected. If wear of the glasses leads to headaches, nausea or excessive squinting then you may need to consult your physician for custom made glasses.

Custom glasses also come in a variety of shapes and since they are prescription only allow for more customization. It is possible to make bifocals, which can correct both up close and far away vision loss at the same time. Also getting glasses through your physician means that all other vision problems can be ruled out. It is important to visit your eye care specialist regularly to test for other age related eye problems such as glaucoma and cataracts. Further getting glasses from your eye care specialist means you are getting custom fit and correction, leading to the best correction possible.

Whether you decide to get custom made glasses or pick up a few pairs from the pharmacy it is important to maintain the best eye care possible. Continue regular visits with your physician and follow any sudden losses in vision with immediate medical advice.

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