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Get Rid of Spider Veins

Most people believe that spider veins are just physical problems. What is left out in the equation is the fact that vein problems develop from smaller veins to bigger and deeper veins. If there is a vein condition that occurs in smaller veins, such as spider veins, when left untreated the varicosity could develop bigger and deeper veins. This is the reason why some specialists suggest that spider veins should be treated while it is still at an early stage.

Varicosities that occur in deeper and bigger veins are associated with more serious medical conditions such as deep vein thromboembolism or DVT, which are basically blood clots along the veins.

One of the most preferred treatments for spider veins is sclerotherapy where a sclerosant is injected into the dysfunctional vein as a means to collapse and close the vein. Once the tiny veins close, the macrophages of the body’s immune system will take care of absorbing the debris of the closed veins. Circulation of the blood will flow back to the healthy veins and eventually, the remnants of varicosities will no longer be visible in the skin.

Sclerotherapy has been practiced for decades and still remains to be the most efficient means of treating spider veins. It is a procedure which promises no or minimal pain. Within an hour, the procedure could be completed and the patient is requested to wear compression stockings for at least 10 days to assure efficient treatment of the condition. Depending on the severity of the condition, sclerotherapy may take more than just one session. It can be a series of sessions until improvement is visible.

For most people, spider veins are considered as a physical issue. This may be the reason why most of the time, spider veins are not a good enough reason to visit and consult a vein specialist. However, there is a need to provide awareness regarding vein conditions and how it often starts from small veins and develop into the bigger veins. Spider veins may just be a physical issue without any painful symptoms; however, it can develop into varicose veins, a vein condition affecting bigger veins and those that are located a little deeper than the skin surface.

Treatment of spider veins will not only promise a smooth and varicose-free skin, but it can actually save people from developing more serious varicosities. Early treatment is advised because treating bigger and deeper varicosities will not be as easy as treating varicose veins, and more importantly, they will be more expensive to treat.

Varicosities are mostly genetic. People who have it in their genes will be more prone to develop varicosities. Pregnant women have a higher chance of developing varicosities due to hormonal changes in the body and weight gain. Those who work long hours while standing or sitting are also prone to developing varicosities due to stagnant position of the legs which can promote pooling of blood in the legs, and further disruption of the blood flow in the veins. When experiencing symptoms of spider veins or varicose veins, it is best to consult a vein specialist to provide an early treatment of the condition.

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