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New Eye Surgery Procedure Could be an Alternative to LASIK

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) reported there were more than 800,000 eye surgeries performed by eye surgeons and ophthalmologists across the United States in 2011. Today, LASIK is the most famous treatment for correcting eye vision. Dr. Helga Pizio of the New Eyes Las Vegas, Nevada mentioned that implantable contact lenses have increased its popularity recently. The doctor added that implantable contact lenses are well designed to decrease the patient’s dependence on their glasses or contacts as the new lens is boosted up as a Collamer lens. Pizio added that implantable contact lenses are the best alternative for patients who are unable to meet the standards for LASIK operations.

Pizio shared that implantable contact lenses would be the best option for people who want to witness life clearly without worrying about wearing glasses or putting on contact lenses. Implantable contact lens (ICL) operation is reported to be the frequently opted choice for people not qualified to undergo LASIK procedure.

An eye surgeon from New Eyes, Dr. Aaron Waite, mentions that Visian ICL surgery is really designed for people having more than moderate nearsightedness, dry eyes, thin corneas, astigmatism, high prescription lenses, and large pupils. The doctor mentioned the procedure generally takes only 10 to 15 minutes for each eye. An incision is done in order to place the Collamer lens just right behind the iris. It is reported that vision can be significantly improved soon after surgery. Another great thing about his procedure is that it is reversible.

Doctors note that as efficient the procedure and the results can be with ICL surgery, there are risks associated with the recently developed procedure. This includes infection, cataracts development, residual refractive error, and glaucoma. However, doctors assure that the procedure is as safe as any LASIK surgery. Patients are advised to consult with an ophthalmologist to review the best options for their eye concerns before following through with a procedure.

LASIK procedures are famous for its efficiency and how it provides more convenience for the patients compared to a traditional eye surgery. Traditional eye surgery can also cost a person more time. People who experience moderate to severe blurry vision can opt to go through an eye surgery to correct their vision impairment. Eye surgery can be done traditionally through a surgeon’s knife, or through LASIK surgery which makes use of laser energy to safely and precisely correct the eye lenses. Most eye surgeries are done in an office setting, although traditional eye surgery can take 2-3 hours of operation per eye. 

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