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New Varicose Veins Treatment

It is no secret how varicose veins can look unpleasant and be a major embarrassment for those who suffer from it.  When a vein is no longer able to bring the blood flow back to the heart, blood will pool in an area in the vein as gravity pulls it toward the ground this will cause varicose veins to develop.. Some common effects of varicose veins are numbness due to poor circulation, night cramps, itching, restless leg syndrome, tired legs, and throbbing pain.

Factors that cause varicose veins to develop can either be hereditary or through bad lifestyle. Prolonged periods of sitting or standing can encourage the development of varicose veins. For such cases, prevention can be made through regular exercise, eating healthy, losing weight, using compression stockings and elevating the legs.

For people who already have varicose veins, treatment is also available. Vein treatments nowadays are done in office setting with mostly only local anesthesia required. One of the recently developed procedures to eliminate varicose veins is the CoolTouch CTEV Laser Endovenous Treatment for varicose veins which almost leaves no room for error as it claims to have 99 percent efficiency.

Dr. Nick Morrison of the Morrison Vein Institure in Scottsdale, Arizona, mentioned how dramatic the effects of the CoolTouch treatment are and how the technology has been developed to be several times safer than the old traditional vein stripping procedures. With the newly developed varicose vein treatment, the recovery time is instant. People who go through the procedure in the office can get out of the clinic and go back to his or her work or daily activities right away. The treatment is done in several sessions.

According to two patients who were interviewed about their experience with the new CoolTouch procedure, the results boosted their self-esteem and provided them with great results. Although most varicose veins are not painful, they can make sufferers feel insecure.  However, thanks to new innovations, people are now able to choose procedures that are less painful and more efficient.

The CoolTouch CTEV Laser Endovenous Treatment costs $1,500 per leg. For more inquiries and information regarding the procedure, you may contact several local clinicians here

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