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Treating Varicose Veins in Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are the most common sufferers of varicose veins. This can be attributed to the hormonal surges that occur during pregnancy.  Dr. Cindy Asbiomsen of the Vein Healthcare in Maine suggests that when pregnant women take care of their vein health, this can do them good in the treatment of varicose veins or preventing them from developing. Varicose veins can cause discomfort and pain for the mothers-to-be.

When one is pregnant, the pressure made on the inferior vena cava, which is a large vein at the right of the body, by the uterus can cause stress on the veins found on the legs.  A pregnant woman has also more blood flowing through her body and through the legs. Large levels of progesterone can cause the veins to enlarge and to relax. All these factors can cause varicose veins.

Below are common varicose veins symptoms:

*There is throbbing and itchiness in the area where there are varicose veins.
*Pain in one’s legs along with heaviness and burning sensation. This happens after prolonged sitting or   standing and gets worse at the end of the day.
*Swelling found at the legs, ankles or feet.

Varicose veins have no known cure but it can undergo varicose veins removal after pregnancy. If the woman had no varicose veins before pregnancy, there is a possibility that the swollen and enlarged veins will disappear.

Dr. Asbjornsen suggests some preventive measures for varicose veins when one is pregnant:

*A pre-natal vitamin is suggested,
*Wearing of a graduated compression stocking during the first trimester can also help.
*Exercise regularly. This can be walking to aid in blood circulation.
*Do not wear tight clothes.
*Do not wear high heeled shoes.
*Watch your weight.

The first three months of pregnancy is a crucial period and varicose veins can be developed.  Compression stockings should be worn during these months especially with women who already have varicose veins.  Those whose families have a history of venous problems should consider wearing the stockings for a much longer period.

Maternity graduated stockings are made to fit more comfortable at the ankles and calves than the top of the legs. The change in compression assists the weak valves and help circulation.  A gynecologist can aptly tell you what the best type is for you.  Be sure to get a size that fits you. The increase of blood by 50% will cause blood pooling in the legs if no preventive measure will be made. A lot of women claim that after a few months from giving birth the varicose veins disappeared. Varicose veins removal like surgery and laser treatments can be made if the varicose veins do not disappear.

Most perceive varicose veins as a cosmetic problem but these can trigger other health problems if left unchecked and untreated.  Varicose veins can cause skin ulcers or even deep vein thrombosis. Women should not allow varicose veins to become swollen and enlarged but should seek medical advice on how to have varicose veins removal.

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