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Susan Fox is a varicose and spider vein expert who practices at the Vein and Vascular Diagnostic and Treatment Center of South Florida, with locations in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines, Florida. She and her experienced colleagues are passionate about helping patients find relief from the embarrassment of varicose veins and other forms of venous disease. They specialize in the treatment and diagnosis of such forms of venous disease such as leg pain and swelling, varicose veins, spider veins, deep vein thrombosis, venous insufficiency, blood clotting disorders, pulmonary embolism, and ulcer care. The Vein and Vascular Diagnostic and Treatment Center of South Florida provides patients with the best and newest minimally invasive vein treatment procedures including ClariVein, Endovenous Laser Ablation, Ambulatory Phlebectomies, and foam, traditional and ultrasound sclerotherapy. In fact, Dr. Fox has even developed her own vein injection techniques and her office functions as an expert training facility that has trained medical personnel and physicians in venous disease treatment for more than ten years.

Dr. Fox was among the first doctors in the United States to become Board Certified in vein treatment. She has earned Board Certification in Phlebology, Vascular Medicine, and Internal Medicine and has solely focused on vein treatment for over 10 years. Dr. Fox and her colleagues have performed tens of thousands of successful vein procedures over the course of their decades of experience. Dr. Fox was the first doctor in Cleveland—and was one of the first in the entire nation— to perform endovenous laser ablation and was the second doctor in Florida—and the first in the Broward County—to perform the Clarivein treatment procedure. She has more than ten years of experience using treatments such as sclerotherapy, endovenous laser ablation, phlebectomies, and ultrasound guided procedures.

Dr. Fox earned her undergraduate degree in Chemistry, with a minor in Mathematics, from the University of Miami. She earned her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Fox conducted her Residency, which was in Internal Medicine, and her Fellowship, which was in Vascular Medicine, from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. She later served as a Senior Clinical Instructor at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and also established a vein treatment center at University Hospitals of Cleveland. Additionally, Dr. Fox is a Registered Physician Vascular Interpreter and is fully certified to interpret vascular ultrasounds studies.

Dr. Fox has been interviewed on television programs throughout the United States and Latin America in both Spanish and English for her vein expertise. She has also written articles on venous disease and has given lectures about vein treatment. She is a Fellow of the Society of Vascular Medicine and a Diplomat of the American College of Phlebology.

We also have convenient locations in Pembroke Pines, Florida and Aventura, Florida at the following addresses:

605 N flamingo Rd. Suite 255
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

21097 NE 27th Ct. Suite 320
Aventura, Florida 33180

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I Have Sexy Legs Again!
Every doctor's office should operate and function like Dr. Fox's staff at Cardiovascular Consultants of South Florida. The phone call reminders the day prior to my appointments, the short waiting time once in the office and the professionalism of the staff made it worth the 45 min. drive to each appointment. As a health care professional myself, it was always a pleasure going to my appointments and being taken care of by people that enjoyed their work and are good at what they do. I never thought that my leg would look normal again but thanks to Dr. Fox and her staff, my leg looks normal for the first time. I don?t hesitate for a second on referring someone to Dr. Fox that has vascular issues with their legs. As Dr. Fox says, I have sexy legs once again. Thank you so much.

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