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Mario T. Plaza-Ponte, MD is a Pittsburgh Vein Specialist who is the founder and Medical Director of the Pittsburgh Vein Center, located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh Vein Center specializes in the most minimally invasive treatment options for the treatment of disorders of the venous circulation of the lower extremities. The most commonly diagnosed and treated conditions are: chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, chronic leg swelling and leg ulcers.

The minimally invasive treatment options offered at the Pittsburgh Vein Center, allows the patients to resume their normal daily lifestyle, with rapid recuperation, with minimal discomfort, and without the need to take time off work. The treatment options provided by Dr. Plaza-Ponte and his staff include the VNUS Closure procedure, Microphlebectomy of varicose veins, ultrasound sclerotherapy, visual sclerotherapy, ulcer care and compression therapy.

In addition, the Pittsburgh Vein Center, offers arterial and venous Vascular Ultrasound diagnosis, through state of the art, Philips imaging equipment. These diagnostic studies are performed by Certified Vascular Technologists. All treatment and procedures are performed by Dr Plaza-Ponte.

As medical director of the Pittsburgh Vein Center, Dr. Plaza-Ponte is a surgeon by training, with board certifications in General Surgery, and fellowship training in Colon and Rectal Surgery. In 2007, Dr. Plaza-Ponte retired from performing major surgical procedures. In 2008, Dr Plaza-Ponte was among the first 248 physicians to pass the American Board of Phlebology Examination, becoming board certified in Phlebology. Dr. Plaza-Ponte is also certified by the ARDMS (American Registry of Medical Sonography) as a Registered Vascular Technologist Sonographer, and as a Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation. In addition, in 2009 he became certified as a Registered Phlebology Sonographer by CCI (Cardiovascular Credentialing International).

Dr. Plaza-Ponte earned his medical degree from the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1975. He then completed a five year residence in General Surgery at Prince George’s General Hospital in Maryland in 1982, where he earned the distinction of being “Resident of the Year” in 1977. He then completed his fellowship in Colon and Rectal Surgery at Mercy and Western Pennsylvania Hospitals in Pittsburgh in 1983.

Dr. Plaza-Ponte is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, The American College of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, a member of the Society of Vascular Surgery, The American College of Phlebology, the American Venous Forum and the Flying Physicians Association.

Dr. Plaza-Ponte has more than 30 years of experience as a surgeon, retiring from major surgery in 2007. Since this time, he has limited his medical activity to the care of patients suffering from the ravages of Chronic Venous Reflux disease. He has performed more than 2000 catheter ablative procedures using laser fibers and the VNUS closure procedure, thousands of sclerotherapy treatments and Microphlebectomy operations. Lately, he has incorporated trans-illumination to his phlebectomy procedures which will reduce the incidence –even more- of retained varicosities and recurrence.

In 2010 through 2011, the Pittsburgh Vein Center was selected as one of 16 other sites in the USA, to participate in a phase III clinical trial, using a proprietary micro foam (Polidocanol Endovenous Micro foam) for the treatment of Greater Saphenous Venous reflux. The results of this trial have been excellent, and the data is currently under review by the FDA. When this new drug is approved, it will be possible to treat Greater Saphenous reflux with a single injection.

Dr. Plaza-Ponte speaks Spanish, Portuguese. His hobbies include travelling, flying as a private pilot, reading and writing.

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Pain Free Because of Dr. Mario Plaza-Ponte
I am a 74 year old man. I have had leg pain for at least half of my life. Finally I was given the name of Dr. Mario Plaza-Ponte, MD from the Pittsburgh Vein Center in Monroeville. He saw what my problem was and started treatment immediately, that was in November of 2008. Today thanks to Dr. Plaza-Ponte and his wonderful staff I can walk now pain free.

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