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Joel Erickson is a vein doctor and the owner and operator of Laser Light Treatment Center in Novato, California since 2012. Dr. Erickson is familiar with the best practices used by physician vein specialists. Additionally, he has skills as an interventional cardiologist who has been practicing for 25 years, such as ultrasound skills and interventional catheter skills. This also makes him uniquely qualified to perform treatment of varicose veins for his patients. Dr. Erickson is passionate about using his skills and knowledge to his patients’ conditions and enjoys helping educate his patients about health-related decisions.

Laser Light Treatment, best known for Veinablation, moved hands from Dr. White, one of the first vascular surgeons to treat varicose veins with laser ablation and who has retired, to Dr. Erickson. Since 1999, Laser Light Treatment center has specialized in the elimination and removal of dysfunctional, enlarged and unsightly veins and always stays up-to-date on the newest and most effective medical and technological improvements in treating venous disease. The staff at Laser Light Treatment has remained the same and the vein center still offers the same high quality standard of treatment and care for patients seeking varicose vein treatment that sets it apart from other vein practitioners. Dr. Erickson’s experience in cardiology and knowledge of emerging and new technologies make him qualified to help patients suffering from venous disease.

Procedures that Dr. Erickson offers at Laser Light Treatment include Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy, Endovenous Laser Ablation, Endo Laser Vein System, Abulatory Phlebectomy, Thrombectomy, Vein Ligation, Venous Reflux Test, Utrasound Diagnostics and more. Laser Light Treatment center also provides vein removal specific to the nose and face and elimination of breast veins. Furthermore, Laser Light Treatment also offers cosmetic procedures, such as hair removal, Botox, Fotofacial+Plus (including Combined Intense Pulsed Light and Diode Laser Treatment), Titan Anti-aging+Plus (including Infrared Light Technology plus Intense Pulsed Light and Diode Laser Treatment) and Hand Rejuvenation. .

Dr. Erickson grew up in California, in Moraga and Oakland, and attended Stanford; he graduated in 1977. He later completed his medical degree at the University of California San Diego. His medical education at UC San Diego lasted for 10 years, in which he completed a residency and fellowship. Within the North Bay, he was the first interventional cardiologist trained in a fellowship. He later went on to become the highest volume operator of coronary artery procedures at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital for many years. .

Dr. Erickson has successfully performed more than 2,000 office-based procedures for patients with severe varicose vein disease. His results have been outstanding and his patients’ legs feel better. He values communication with his patients, which helps him determine the best treatment available for their vein conditions in conjunction with the use of his thoroughly practiced skills. He always strives to help through education, advice, or the offer of therapeutic action and finds joy in helping his patients recover from their medical conditions. Dr. Erickson is a native Californian, originally from the East Bay and Standord. He enjoys traveling to exotic places, reading, biking, hiking, swimming, sports and life with his wife and three children.

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It's Like I Never Had Varicose Veins
Look at my legs. It is as if I never had ropy varicose veins! Dr. Erickson made them go away!

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