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Joel Erickson is a vein doctor at the Sonoma Vein Cardiovascular Laser Group in Santa Rosa, California. He has been a practicing cardiologist for the past 25 years. He uses his skills as a trained interventional cardiologist to diagnose and treat patients with varicose veins, such as ultrasound and interventional catheter skills. Dr. Erickson uses his skills and knowledge to assess his patients’ problems and it brings joy to him when he educates patients and assists them in making decisions that better their health and quality of life.

At Sonoma Vein Cardiovascular Laser Group, patients achieve a better quality of life by working with a supportive team of professionals, including cardiologists and nurses who develop treatment plans for those suffering from venous disease. Cardiologists are skilled experts in venous and vascular diseases. They are specifically trained in procedures and with tools for treating varicose veins by diagnosing, assessing, treating and educating patients with vein conditions. For example, some of the techniques that cardiologists are trained in to treat arterial and heart diseases can be used to alleviate venous problems; thus, these techniques are revolutionary, as well as safe, for treating varicose veins.

Sonoma Vein Cardiovascular Laser Group concerns itself with providing the best possible care so that patients can improve their quality of life by eliminating varicose veins that create serious health concerns. The objective of treating diseased veins is to prevent complications, remedy problems and to relieve discomfort and pain. At Sonoma Vein Cardiovascular Laser Group, patients receive proper diagnosis and treatments, such as leg wraps, compression hose, surgery, pharmaceuticals, wound care, blood thinners, ultrasound, lasers (including surface treatment and endovenous laser ablation) and intravenous injections (such as sclerotherapy). The team at Sonoma Vein Cardiovascular Laser Group also values patient education and makes sure that patients understand why and how a treatment option works before receiving it. Other treatments offered include ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, TCD/Echo, micro phlebectomy and cutaneous laser.

Dr. Erickson has extensive experience in treating severe varicose veins, including having carried out over 2,000 procedures in medical offices for his patients. His patients feel better about their legs and the results are exceptional. He graduated from Stanford in 1977 and obtained his degree in medicine from the University of California San Diego. Overall, he completed 10 years of education in the medical field, including a fellowship and a residency at UC San Diego. Later, for many years, he held the record for coronary artery procedures as the highest volume operator at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. Additionally, Dr. Erickson was the premier fellowship-trained interventional cardiologist in the North Bay.

Dr. Erickson was born and raised in California, originally from the Easy Bay (Moraga and Oakland). He is married with three children and enjoys hobbies, such as traveling, biking, swimming, hiking, reading and sports. He loves his job and enjoys assisting his patients in treating their vein problems. Listening to his patients is important to him; he believes that communication and understanding are critical to the success of the healing process. He is fascinated with technology and science and their connection to physiology of the human body.

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It's Like I Never Had Varicose Veins
Look at my legs. It is as if I never had ropy varicose veins! Dr. Erickson made them go away!

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