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What are the normal side effects of varicose vein surgery?

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Two weeks ago my friend had varicose vein surgery. Since she has been home, she has had a lot of trouble walking, and issues with equilibrium and speech. We are worried she may have had a stroke, but her doctor is completely unconcerned. Do these sound like normal side effects after varicose vein surgery? Is it possible to have a stroke from a varicose vein operation?


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These are neurologic symptoms and could represent a TIA, ischemia or possibly a stroke. Although this is not a likely side effect of the varicose vein procedure, a stroke may happen to anyone with the likelihood increasing with your age, with a history of smoking and with clotting disorders. Clots in the superficial veins are called phlebitis and will not typically enter the general circulation. Clots from the leg such as a pre-existing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT - often have minimal symptoms) could enter the circulation, but will enter the lungs and do not go to the brain. A neurological exam would be advised.

A stroke due to a varicose vein procedure is very rare, but there are 10 documented strokes reported in the medical literature after endovenous foam treatments and one reported after thermal ablation treatments. Evaluation by a primary care physician, emergency room physician or a neurologist would be appropriate for the symptoms which you describe two weeks after a vein procedure. The symptoms might be unrelated to the vein procedure, but clinical evaluation is important to sort out what is happening.

Regardless of whether this could (unlikely) be related to her varicose vein surgery, she needs to get medical evaluation immediately! She should see her primary care doctor, or go to the emergency department if she cannot be seen right away.

Your friend must be evaluated immediately. This is not a normal occurrence following varicose vein treatments, but there are possible associated risks. Please have an evaluation today.

Definitely not normal. The questions I would ask, did she just have vein treatment or foam sclerotherapy at the same time? I would recommend that she have a scan of her head or see a doctor to see if she had a stroke. It is rare to have a stroke from venous procedures, but can happen especially if she has a diagnosed or undiagnosed hole in her heart. This hole can be preset in 12-20 percent of normal people. She may not even know she has it. If a venous clot forms and goes to the heart, it can pass through this hole and up to the brain causing a stroke. This is a 100 percent not normal post procedure issue and she should be evaluated ASAP.

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