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Are the creams for treating varicose veins effective?

I see many creams being sold that claim that they help treat varicose veins. Are any of these effective? If so, how can I tell which ones work?


Doctors Answers (7)

There are no published medical research studies that have shown any benefit to these "vein creams". Your time and money would be better spent seeking treatment from a vein specialist.

There is nothing topical or oral that will reverse a varicose vein or really have any effect on a varicose vein. The body works to maintain its shape and structures so the varicose veins are maintained even when they are no longer effective in the circulation of venous blood. There are several well proven, minimally invasive and effective treatments available to treat varicose vein in a vein clinic.

There have been many treatments over the years for topical application to varicose and spider veins going back to the Roman Empire. Some of these you would not even like to imagine. If you have true varicose veins (larger and bulging above the surface) you should consider an evaluation by a board certified vascular surgeon who specializes in treating superficial vein problems. Save the money you would spend on creams to purchase nice stylish compression stocking as you will be required to wear these for a time before your insurance covers these procedures which are all minimally invasive and office based. You do have to have symptoms for this coverage.

It's easy to tell which creams work for varicose veins - NONE! If creams worked there wouldn't be any need for treatment. The only benefit from vein creams is possibly hiding the veins.

Unfortunately, in the United States, there is no regulation of creams or other botanicals so I cannot really vouch for any creams. You do not really know what you are getting.

I have not heard of any that worked in any trials or seen any that had any results in people.

We have not found any topical solutions that are effective in treating varicose veins.

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