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Are spider veins painful?

This question was asked in Hatton, North Dakota and has 2 answer(s) as of 11/13/2012.
Can spider veins be the cause of my severe leg pain, from the hips all the way down to the ankle? Do spider veins usually cause pain like this?


Doctors Answers (2)

Spider veins do not typically cause pain. However, sometimes spider veins are the tip of an iceberg of underlying varicose veins. If you have underlying varicose veins, your pain may respond to therapy.

Spider veins, can cause local tenderness and burning. Your symptoms could be related to venous reflux at the groin, bilaterally, either in the superficial veins and/or the deep venous system. Spinal stenosis, a bulging disc, or arthritis of the lumbar spine can also give you that type of pain. I suggest you see a vein specialist to rule venous reflux and/or an orthopeadic surgeon to r/o a back problem.

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