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Are swollen feet an indication of varicose veins?

I stand all day at work and my feet and ankles are usually swollen by the time I clock out. Once I get home and rest for awhile, the swelling usually goes down. Could this temporary swelling be an indication that I have varicose veins?


Doctors Answers (5)

Swelling due to an accumulation of fluids in the feet, ankles, and lower legs seen with prolonged standing can be caused by poor venous return. In addition to having other causes, if you also have varicose veins, then poor venous return is likely the sole reason for the temporary swelling at the end of the day. Fortunately, treatments for varicose veins are now typically office-based, minimally-invasive procedures which allow an immediate return to work or school and resuming of normal activities.

This type swelling can be a result of many things, but chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is certainly among them. Other symptoms include; cramping (Charlie Horse), restless legs, aching, itching, tingling, numbness and heaviness. If you have varicose veins that are on the surface of your legs, this is associated with CVI. Your local phlebologist will be able to evaluate and treat if indicated. Most insurances do cover the treatment of symptomatic CVI or varicose vein disease.

Your description is very likely to involve venous insufficiency, although other reasons can also be operant. If it is a consistently troublesome problem, I suggest a consultation and ultrasound study to delineate the problem.

There are many reasons for leg swelling. One is varicose veins and venous insufficeincy. There are other reasons like renal, cardiac, and hepatic problems. I would see a physician and have them discuss this with you. You may need an ultrasound of your legs.

It is possible that the swelling in the feet could be related to venous insufficiency. However it is more likely related to lymphedema, or another cause of leg swelling such kidney or heart trouble. I recommend you start with your primary care doctor for evaluation and follow-up with a vein specialist who also treats lymphedema. Good luck.

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