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Are there any natural treatments for varicose veins?

I have varicose veins and I would really like to avoid surgery in order to fix them. Are there any natural alternatives and how effective are they?


Doctors Answers (2)

Herbal remedies used for the treatment of vein problems are citrus Bioflavonoid, Horse Chestnut Seed Extract [not horse chestnuts], Pycnogenol (French Maritime Pine Bark Extract), Rutin, Resveratrol (found in, among other things, red wine). While clinicians in the United States have little experience with these substance because we do not have the kind of regulation on the manufacture of these products in USA (because they are over the counter), our European colleagues report they help with swelling and pain symptoms.

Once varicose veins develop, they do not go away with medications. They have to either be removed or closed by injecting a sclerosant (sclerotherapy).

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