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Are there known side effects after getting vein removal surgery?

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Is there any know side effect after varicose veins removal surgery?


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Short-term discomfort, itching and bruising in treated areas is common after varicose vein treatment. A light brown discoloration of the skin may develop along the vein injected or lasered. This is most often lighter and less obvious than the original vein, with over 90% resolving within one year after treatment. Development of new fine spider veins in treated areas or "matting" can develop in up to 5% of patients undergoing sclerotherapy. This most often resolves spontaneously if left alone over 2-6 months. More serious but rare complications include skin ulcerations, clot in a deep vein, (DVT), or an allergic reaction to medications used.

Removing a vein is called Phlebectomy, and phlebectomy is usually performed for the removal of bulging varicose veins. Like all procedures, there are side affects or risk, however, with phlebectomy, they are usually lower risk. The most common side affects are bruising, infection and trapping. Bruising which last for several days to 1-2 weeks, which happens with nearly every patient having a phlebectomy. Infection at the removal site is not as common, but can happen and usually is treated with antibiotics. Occassionally, blood may collect or pool under the skin where the vein is removed making a tender knot, this is sometimes called trapping. The body will usually absorb this pocket of blood, or if the area has discomfort, your doctor may decide to gently squeeze the blood out, much like squeezing a blemish.

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