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Are there treatments for spider veins on the face?

I have developed spider veins on my face and they are beginning to be noticeable. I have been told that compression socks help to treat spider veins on the legs, but are there non-surgical options for treating spider veins on the face?


Doctors Answers (4)

There are laser treatments that target spider veins on the face. These treatments are different than the laser treatments for leg veins. These treatments target the pigment in the facial veins and they typically require 3 treatments which are spaced out a month apart.

There are several options on the face. There is something called Vein Wave or Vein Gogh. These use heat or radiofrequency to close off the veins on the face. You can also use IPL or laser on the spider veins on the face. The compression hose will help the symptoms in the legs but will not get rid of the veins.

If the facial spider veins are large enough conventional sclerotherapy is very cost-effective. For thinner, very fine veins, radiofrequency works very well ("VeinGogh "or "VeinWave"). Lasers are a third option but one must avoid sun exposure for several weeks after laser treatment.

We successfully treat facial spider veins in one or two treatments with the Dornier Flexi-pulse laser (940). However if you also have underlying facial redness or rosacea we often recommend following up with intense pulsed light treatment (one or two). Like on the legs there are different layers of facial veins so for long term clearing it is more effective. The results are great. We also recommend a good quality facial sunscreen with at least 10+ percent zinc oxide daily, rain or shine, summer or winter.

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