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What are some at-home treatments for varicose veins?

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I am not sure if my health insurance covers a consultation for varicose vein treatment, let alone the treatment itself. Is there anything that I can do at-home to help decrease a bulging varicose vein?


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Supportive care of varicose veins will help reduce leg soreness and the progression of problem veins on the legs. This includes wearing compression hose during the day, avoiding prolonged standing, if possible, and frequent walking, wearing shoes with good arch support and not wearing high-heeled shoes. There is no home treatment that will decrease varicose veins, but vein treatments in a vein clinic are usually relatively inexpensive and highly effective.

The most effective way to control varicose veins and associated symptoms is with a compression stocking. These should be measured and fitted by an experienced fitter to ensure comfort and fit. Applied early in the day before veins "fill" is better. Taking an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen or even baby aspirin is beneficial. If you have symptoms such as pain, aching, heaviness, tender varicose veins, and skin changes, all insurances should cover your evaluation and ultrasound examination. Some plans exclude varicose treatments for varying reasons. Doing conservative treatment as I mentioned above will not reverse the problem. You may have an inherited problem with damaged valves in the veins.

There is no treatment per se. Good vein hygiene consists of weight control, daily exercise such as walking, avoidance of prolonged standing (>1 hour) without movement, and the use of compression hosiery.

I would check with your insurance. There are things to make it less symptomatic, but the vein will not go away with home remedies. If you want to have the vein go away you need to treat it. If you want the symptoms to improve you can try compression hose, leg elevation and anti-inflammatory medications like Motrin or Aleve. Also, there is a medication, Vasculera, that helps with the vein tone. This helps the symptoms as well.

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