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Can I get varicose veins removal if I am overweight?

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Can I still get a vein removal procedure if I am a female who is about 100 pounds overweight? Could there be any complications? Or could it be ineffective? Thank you.


Doctors Answers (5)

Being overweight has no bearing on the ability to eliminate varicose veins. Your Phlebologist, (vein doctor), will evaluate your needs with a consultation, (this is complimentary with Dr. Warren), and your care plan will be developed to have the most effective outcome possible.

Simple answer is yes. But discussing the specifics of your health issues is best done one on one with your Physician. I would defer to them as to the safety of treatment at this time.

Being overweight is bad for vein health. Blood heading from the legs to the heart has a much tougher time getting past the abdomen. Nevertheless, it is entirely possible to successfully improve or cure varicose veins, especially if the treatment is augmented with extra time wearing compression hose.

Yes, of course. Age and weight by themselves are not a restriction to appropriate and effective treatment for va [ricose veins. Complications and are rare but can occur. Your best chance for receiving safe and effective treatment is to see a doctor who is experienced and well trained in treating venous disease and varicose veins.

Being overweight can contribute to vein problems. As a result, if you have symptoms such as leg pain, heaviness and aching, you may benefit from vein treatment. In general, obesity is associated with an increased risk of developing complications after any procedure, such as blood clots also known as deep venous thrombosis (DVT). You would need to discuss with your doctor the type of vein treatment you may need, the risks associated with that treatment, and your other risk factors for developing blood clots. For example, inactivity in combination with obesity increases your chance of a complication. As a result, we encourage all patients to be active and walk daily after vein treatment. We would discourage treatment if you are sedentary. Most people who are overweight, but still very active, tend to do well. Again, you will need to discuss your personal risk factors with your doctor.

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