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Can ice help reduce varicose veins?

This question was asked in Newington, New Hampshire and has 4 answer(s) as of 09/17/2012.
Can using ice help reduce or shrink varicose veins on your legs? Can this be an effective solution?


Doctors Answers (4)

Yes, ice can help reduce or shrink varicose veins, however, it would only be a temporary solution only during and immediately after the time the ice is applied to your leg. Once the ice is removed and the skin temperature returns to normal, the varicose vein would also return to its pre-iced state.

No. Cold compresses may temporarily make veins appear smaller, but they will simply return to normal when cold is removed.

Ice will cause normal veins to constict while the legs are cold, but it won't have any effect on varicose veins. If you don't get definitive therapy, use compression hose and leg elevation to protect the skin from breakdown and to get symptom improvement.

No, ice will not reduce varicose veins.

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