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Can makeup cause irritation in varicose veins?

I have very noticeable varicose veins on my legs and sometimes I use concealer and other types of makeup to cover them up. Would this cause any long term damage to the veins? Will this make the varicose veins worse or can I continue doing this?


Doctors Answers (7)

You can continue using makeup. It will cause no problems with your veins.

Make-up over a varicose vein may help cover the purple color, but will not conceal a raised vein. Make-up is superficial and safe for the skin, so it should not have any harmful effects on the veins below the skin.

This should not be a problem if you are removing it daily and reapplying. It sounds like you only use it occasionally. In some people there can be itching caused by the veins and make-up could irritate this. Have you considered being evaluated and treated? Procedures today are minimally invasive and the results are cosmetically pleasing.

Using make-up to cover leg veins cannot aggravate the veins and is perfectly safe.

Probably will not make them any worse. However, you should have these evaluated and treated if they are symptomatic. Insurance usually pays for the treatment of symptomatic varicose veins.

No, makeup should not cause irritation in varicose veins. I do not think it can cause any long term damage to the veins. it is fine to continue to use it.

Unless you are very sensitive to make up and have an allergy, I see no reason why this would affect you in any way.

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