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How can a malfunctioning leg vein valve be fixed?

This question was asked in Appleyard, Washington and has 2 answer(s) as of 10/21/2016.
I understand malfunctioning valves can be caused by many different reasons. And there are not many preventive solutions, but what about repair? Once a valve is stuck allowing the blood to pool in the leg, can you repair the valve? What is the best treatment in this case for a non-overweight female post-pregnancy?


Doctors Answers (2)

If the valve is broken, the vein has lost its value. Closure is the best available treatment if you have symptoms. Otherwise daily medical grade compression stockings, correctly measured and fitted.

If the deep vein (femoral or popliteal) has valve problems, there is no solution at this time except wearing compression hose. Valve repair is constantly being sought. If it is in a superficial vein (short or long saphenous) and the deep vein is functioning, the vein can be ablated (sealed with laser or radiofrequency). Without this procedure, the blood will not return to the heart and when blood does not flow properly it is more prone to clotting. These are typically painful, can be palpated and are mainly localized in the lower legs. They could in some cases be more serious. Most insurance will cover these procedures providing there is medical necessity and you have had a trial of conservative therapy.

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