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Can you still exercise after varicose veins removal?

This question was asked in Mountlake Terrace, Washington and has 4 answer(s) as of 09/17/2012.
If I get varicose veins removal could I still exercise? I like to go on walks after dinner sometimes. I don't know if I would get the surgery if it had that effect.


Doctors Answers (4)

Yes, absolutely, you can still do light impact exercise after leg vein treatments. In fact, I recommend that every patient walk daily after vein treatments. So your evening walks would be exactly what I would recommend anyway.

Since vein treatment improves circulation, all kinds of exercise are encouaged afterward.

Yes, it is recommended to stay active. You may need to limit some activities immediately after a procedure for a few days.

Yes, you can still go on walks after dinner after a varicose vein treatment.

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