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What are they signs of a serious venous problem?

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My hands and feet are always cold, even in summer. I am wondering if this could be associated to a serious venous problem and if there is any treatment?


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This is probably not vein disease. It sounds like Raynaud's syndrome. This occurs when your finger tips and toes are cold. Usually it is self-limiting and not a sign of any serious condition.

Probably arterial and not venous. A ultrasound work up will help with the right diagnosis.

Cold hands and feet may be normal and can be effected by hormonal levels of estrogen and its effect on circulation at the skin as a mechanism to conserve heat. Following menopause with lower estrogen levels, the complaint changes to feeling hot all the time or getting hot flashes. In considering the circulation a possible cause, you would generally be considering arterial blood flow and a strong pulse in the wrist and ankles/foot is sufficient to confirm good blood delivery to the hand and feet. Consider wearing foot coverings at home and elsewhere since walking bare foot on cool hard surfaces may not be uncomfortable, but will draw heat from the body and result in cold extremities (a heat conserving reflex).

Hands and feet may be cold for a variety of reasons. If the cold feeling is not associated with pain or tenderness, often it is due to a nerve reflex which constricts the tiny arteries within the skin which carry blood flow to the skin. This usually is not a problem unless it is so severe that it causes pain or swelling. If there is pain in the soft tissues of the limbs or soft tissue swelling, a vascular evaluation may identify problems which need to be treated to prevent a worsening condition.

Cold hands and feet is a common occurrence for many people, although there is an extreme form of this malady called "Raynaud's Phenomenon" accompanied by very painful digits that turn blue and white, often associated with other medical conditions. Your symptoms are unlikely to be due to a vein problem.

No, this is not from venous disease. There are many causes for this, a common one being vasospastic disease or Reynaud's disease. There is treatment but it is usually reserved for patients with debilitating symptoms.

Signs of serious vein problems are pain, swelling and discoloration of leg. Cold hands and feet are not signs of serious vein problems.

Yours is probably not a venous problem.

It is unlikely to be venous in origin. You should discuss this with your doctor and perhaps look at arterial or nerve problems. They are mostly likely to produce such symptoms.

Those symptoms are somewhat non specific and are best evaluated in person by your physician.

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