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How do compression stockings affect blood pressure?

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I have noticed a higher blood pressure reading since wearing compression stockings. Could the stockings be causing this? How do compression stockings affect blood pressure?


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Compression stockings improve venous and fluid return to the heart, increasing the efficiency of your circulation by reducing venous congestion in the legs. If you were fluid overloaded, then you may have a mild temporary increase in blood pressure as any excess fluids (edema) enters the systemic circulation and is excreted, but this is gradual and should not produce significant hypertension. If you already have high blood pressure then compression hose will not make it worse, but wearing hose is not a treatment for hypertension which requires a visit with the doctor, and probably routine lab work and medication.

Veins act as a reservoir for blood. When they are compressed, blood pressure can increase because compression can temporarily collapse some superficial veins, therefore forcing blood out of reservoir into circulation.

Compression stockings are unlikely to cause an elevated arterial blood pressure. A few patients who have many varicose veins may have so much blood pool in the veins of their legs when standing still or sitting, that their arterial blood pressure drops. In rare cases, a patient may faint or nearly faint from the low blood pressure due to blood collecting in the leg veins. This small group of patients may improve their low blood pressure by wearing elastic support stockings and by treating their varicose vein problem.

Compression stocking have no effect on arterial blood pressure. Compression stockings only affect return of blood in the venous system.

If you are referring to arterial blood pressure as measured on your arm or leg, stockings have NO effect.

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