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What are the chances of getting a second DVT or PE?

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I had sclerotherapy done 10 years ago. The physician who performed the injections poked deep in my leg and it hurt really bad. No compression stockings or anything else was prescribed. After the first day, my leg hurt so much I could not walk on it and he said it was trapped blood. He removed this and the pain went away. However, 2 days later I ended up in the hospital with a huge clot in my lungs. I've since had numerous CT scans from the fear of getting another one, but I'm wondering if I'm over-panicking. Can sclerotherapy cause recurring pulmonary embolisms? What are the chances that I'll get another one?


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I will assume from the details that this is the only episode of DVT you have ever experienced and that it happened after getting injections that may have been "too deep." Sclerotherapy is for treating superficial veins, but can treat veins that are not visible except by ultrasound. The injections may appear deep but can still be treating the superficial venous system directed by ultrasound guidance and are not done blindly if they are not directly visible. In over 10 years of treatments at our vein clinic we have never seen a single case of a DVT developing from sclerotherapy. You may have already been evaluated for a clotting disorder after your DVT and if you have not been tested with a history of a DVT then that may be helpful in knowing your risks. If the DVT was due to the injection (or from some trauma such as surgery) then the risk of a repeat episode from sclerotherapy done with an experienced provider is extremely small and checking with ultrasound a few days after treatment can be reassuring. Most vein clinics use ultrasound routinely in exams and some treatments.

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