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Do dermatologists treat varicose veins?

Do dermatologists treat varicose veins and spider veins? How do I know if I need a vein expert or a dermatologist?


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Thank you for your message. I apologize for getting back so late Phlebologists are those who treat varicose vein disease. These can consist of bulging varicose veins to small spider veins. Doctors from my backgrounds become phlebologists. Dermatologists make up a very large number of vein specialists. Having said that, I will say that vein treatment requires regular 'practice'. Meaning, one who dabbles in sclerotherapy occassinally is probably not the best choice of provider. If you are having symptoms and note numerous veins, having an expert evaluate you is good advise.

Dermatologist often do cosmetic procedures which can include spider veins, typically treated using sclerotherapy and lasers. Medical practices that specialize in veins will treat a full range of veins problems including the larger varicose veins, venous ulcers and venous malformations.

Dermatologists do often get involved in caring for the patient with varicose veins. Typically, the problems a Dermatologist addresses include spider veins as well as skin discoloration. They offer a variety of treatments for spider veins including injection sclerotherapy as well as laser treatment. If you have isolated spider veins on your leg and no bulging varicose veins, it is very likely a Dermatologist would be able to address your problem. If there are any symptoms of bulging varicose veins, leg swelling, leg discomfort, or leg fatigue, you would be better off seeing a vascular surgeon.

Some dermatologists treat veins. Individual physicians vary and some dermatologists are internationally-recognized experts in treatment of venous disorders. The key is the individual physicain's training, experience, and skills. You might want to ask how much of a physician's practice is devoted to treatment of venous disorders. Experts in treatment of venous disorders come from many specialties, the most common of which are general surgery, vascular surgery, interventional radiology, dermatology, vascular medicine, and family practice.

Great question. There are some dermatologist that are vein experts. most dermatologist do not focus on veins , but there are some who do. I would recommend you do a little research . One mark of a vein expert is that they are certified by the american board of Phebology. I would ask if they are certified by the American Board of Phlebology . you can look on its the website.

If you have a rash you need a dermatologist. If you have a vein problem (varicose veins or spider veins) you need a vein doctor (phlebologist). Someone who is a diplomat of the American Board of Phlebology.

Yes, some dermatologists perform varicose veins treatments- there are medical societies and specialized websites who can orient you to the ones who perform them in your area.

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