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Do men and women both get varicose veins?

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Do men get varicose veins or spider veins? Are there treatment options for them too? My husband might have them. We have been thinking that he has them for years.


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Yes, men suffer from varicose veins too. While varicose veins and spider veins are slightly more prevalent in women, we still see several hundred male patients each year with bothersome varicose veins and spider veins. Your husband should see a vein specialist to discuss vein treatment options since most varicose veins can be treated without surgery and typically one day off work.

Yes, both men and women can have varicose veins. Yes, the treatments for varicose veins in men and women are the same. For any other questions, please feel free to call our office.

Yes. When it comes to treating varicose veins about 35-40% are men, where as about 60-65% of our varicose vein patients are women.

Men absolutely develop varicose veins. According a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health the prevalence of varicose vein in men was approximately 40% and 32% in women. Although men had a higher prevalence in the study they tended to have less severe symptoms. The treatment options for varicose veins are same for both men and women. Either should have complete ultrasound to determine the cause of the problem and best therapy. By the time most men actually make into the doctor's office, they have fairly severe disease and need an endovenous laser treatment to treat the damaged vessels in question.

Men get spider veins and varicose veins too. The treatment options are the same. Men often have more spider veins on the face and nose and these are treated with ultrasound (Veinwave). The varicose veins are treated with endovenous laser ablation (EVLT) to eliminate the venous valvular reflux and close the varicose veins.

Both men and women are at risk for developing varicose veins and spider veins, women however, develop them 3 times more frequently, mainly due to multiparity and female hormones.

Yes, men can get varicose and spider veins, they are just more common in women. The treatment options for men are the same as for women, i.e. endovenous ablation, sclerotherapy, and microphlebectomy. Have your husband consult a physician that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins.

Yes, both men and women can get varicose veins, with heredity being the #1 cause. In the United States, women are slightly more likely than men to suffer from abnormal leg veins, with 50-55% of women and 40-45% of men suffering from some type of vein problem in the course of their lives.

Women get varicose veins much more commonly than men, but men get them, too. Treatment options are the same for either gender.

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