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Does the amount of time between sclerotherapy treatments matter?

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I've already had a few treatments of sclerotherapy, each one month apart and I want to continue the treatments, but I'm about to leave for an extended vacation and must postpone my treatments until I get back (pushing the next treatment to 3 mos). Will this mess up my results or does it matter?


Doctors Answers (11)

It is recommended to have a month or more between sclerotherapy treatments and it will not effect the results in waiting a longer period of time.

I doubt that the delay will be an issue, but you really need to seek this advice from your physician since every patient is different.

If you have already had several treatments a month apart, it will not affect results waiting the additional time. We frequently do the first and second treatments 4 weeks apart and then have patients return after 6-8 weeks after complete healing to see what is left to treat. We also tend to hold off on additional treatments over the summer for obvious reasons of legs looking worse for a while and possible chance of increased pigmentation with sun exposure. I do recommend a good Zinc based sun protection of at least 30 SPF during healing if sun cannot be avoided.

Waiting three months is not a bad thing. It might actually work in your benefit because it will allow time for the previously injected spider veins to absorb and any discoloration to fade. You will be able to appreciate the results from your prior session. I normally wait a month between spider vein treatments. So the answer is no, it will not mess up your results.

The amount of time between treatments is not crucial. There is a slight advantage to having a momentum by doing the treatment at regular interval because you are able to see the progress more quickly and better able to asses the progress, but spreading the treatment out by itself does not make them less effective.

No, have a great vacation!

I do not think it matters.

The interval between sclerotherapy treatments are usually dictated by insurance companies and not by medical criteria.

You need to ask your treating physician.

Not really- it'll take longer to see improvements but there are no negative medical consequences from delaying treatments.

I am not aware of any time requirement for sclerotherapy sessions. I do know that the sessions I get approval from health insurance companies, for treatment of symptomatic varicose veins, usually need to be completed within 6 months. That being said, if problems with schedules arise my office staff contacts the insurance company and are granted an extension.

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