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What causes bruises on veins?

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My legs are bruised and very sore, and they get bulgy after working a lot. I could barely walk yesterday after work. The bruises are purple and blue, and look like a trail going up my leg veins. What would be causing these bruises on the veins? Does this sound life-threatening?


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Bulging varicose veins can become distended and engorged with venous blood from standing all day and may be aching, sore, and also bruise easily (leak venous blood below the skin) from any minor trauma. Often, early varicose veins do not have any discomfort but may be prone to more symptoms as they progress over many years. Varicose veins are not considered "life-threatening," but do affect the quality of your life. These veins can be evaluated and treated in a vein clinic with in-office procedures that are well-tolerated. Varicose vein treatments are highly effective with no change in normal daily activities following the treatments.

You should be evaluated by a vascular trained surgeon who specializes in treating varicose veins. This will include ultrasound examination. He may recommend compression hose for daytime use and medication to reduce inflammation. If the deep veins are normal, there may be superficial reflux (back flow) in the saphenous veins. Correctly measured and good quality, this may make you temporarily comfortable, but you may need to get this superficial reflux corrected. These are minimally invasive procedures. I also often add a baby (81 mg) aspirin per day to reduce the chance of clotting, along with the hose.

It sounds like you have varicose veins. I would recommend wearing compression hose, elevating your legs, and taking Motrin or Aleve as needed. If the legs continue to bother you, consider seeing a vascular doctor or vein specialist.

You probably are describing varicose veins. See an expert in the management of venous disorders.

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