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Does laser treatment remove or destroy the unhealthy vein from my body?

Does laser treatment completely remove or destroy the unhealthy vein from my body? What happens to veins in laser treatment?


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No. The laser treatment will close off your vein and then your body will break down the vein over time. Eventually, the vein will disappear.

Varicose veins (large blue bulging veins) can be treated as an office procedure by inserting a fiber-optic or radio frequency catheter into the vein guided by ultrasound. The vein is anesthetized and energy is delivered to the tip of the catheter inside of the vein. The catheter is slowly withdrawn and the inside of the vein is precisely heated allowing the vein to close with a high efficiency. We have not seen any sections of treated varicose vein that did not fully close and remain closed over the last 10 years of our practice. Once closed, the vein is slowly reabsorbed by the body and will disappear quickly by sight and eventually also by ultrasound exam. This benefits the circulation when the treated vein is not functioning and has significant venous reflux (determined by ultrasound exam). New veins continue to grow as needed throughout your life, but like a tree, a bad branch is retained and pruning that branch removes a burden and improves the circulation.

Veins treated successfully by endovenous laser shrink down to the size of a thread and cannot carry blood again. The vein is eliminated and will no longer be seen or felt.

Laser treatment closes unhealthy veins and the body then digest the closed vein over time.

The misconception is that lasers vaporize the veins and they are immediately gone. What really happens is the heat of the laser destroys the lining of the vein. This makes it so there is no blood flowing in the vein, but the vein is still there. Over time, your bodie's immune system will dissolve the vein so it is no longer visible. Spider veins may take 2 to 4 weeks to disappear and lager veins such as the saphenous vein may take 3 to 6 months for it not to be visible on ultrasound, but symptoms are usually improved in a matter of days.

When a laser is inserted into a vein such as the saphenous, it either targets the hemoglobin or water depending on the laser. This superheated blood clots off and also damages the lining of the vein. The veins will eventually be re-absorbed by the body. Topical laser for spider veins works similarly but from the outside and on a smaller scale.

The laser closes the vein and then the vein is absorbed into your body slowly over several months up to a year depending on the size of the vein.

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