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Does the sun cause varicose veins?

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Does the sun cause varicose veins? My leg veins seem to be worse during summer and I am thinking about an operation before then.


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No, the sun doesn't cause varicose veins. However, prolonged sun exposure may increase the break out of tiny 'spider veins' around the nose, cheeks and upper chest wall. Varicose veins may become worse in the summer due to the heat. When are body temperature rises, blood is directed to the skin veins to help radiate heat from our bodies. This extra flow of blood stretches veins; and, those that are diseased will likely get bigger. It is best to treat a problem before it gets worse. Varicose vein disease is no different. There is no perfect time to get treatment; it is when you can't take it anymore.

Sun does not cause varicose veins or spider veins. However, vein problems can get worse in the summer due to the heat. It is the heat that causes the veins to become larger. One function of normal veins is to bring blood close to the skin to cool the body. In hot weather, or in a sauna, or during exercise, the body tries to cool down by dilating (enlarging) the veins under the skin. In people that have venous reflux (also called venous insufficiency), blood pools abnormally in the leg veins. So the combination of the body being hot and venous reflux causes the veins to really bulge. Many people get their vein problem fixed in the cooler weather so they are ready for summer. It is also easier to wear compression stockings in the cooler weather. But what also happens is that people don't start to think about their varicose veins or spider veins until the warm weather is already here. Many times they decide to go ahead and get the veins treated in the summer. The fall and the end of the year are also popular times to get veins treated, because of the cool weather and also because many people have reached their deductible or maximum out of pocket for the year. But get in early! At VEINatlanta, by October we are usually full for the rest of the year.

No Sun exposure does not cause varicose veins . However , in the summer when its is warmer the veins dilate more. also it is good idea to get the treatment in cooler months.

Sun does not cause varicose veins. However, it's not unusual for varicose veins to look worse or hurt more when you are warm. This causes veins to relax and thus varicose veins become engorged.

The sun will exacerbate the appearance of spider/varicose veins but does not cause them. Sun heat will cause the blood vessels to dilate and therefore exacerbate this venous condition.

No. The operation really helps.

No, sun exposure does not cause varicose veins. Heredity, is a major cause of varicose veins. Other factors, including gender, multiple pregnancies and certain occupations that may require prolonged standing, can also contribute to the development or worsening of varicose veins. So, while the sun itself does not cause varicose veins, some varicose vein patients may be more symptomatic when in warm or hot environments, as the heat may cause the veins to enlarge.

Varicose veins are more noticeable in summer, due to heat induced vasodilatation.

The sun does not directly cause varicose veins. The heat associated with being in the sun and sunny days causes venous dilation and makes all the surface veins larger and more visible as a result leg warming. The leg veins are also more apparent at the end of the day due to prolonged standing which causing blood to pool in the leg veins. Walking improves the appearance of surface veins by reducing venous pressure and congestion.

No, the sun does not cause varicose veins.

No, the sun does not cause varicose veins, however varicose veins are more symptomatic and visible in warmer weather. In warmer temperatures, the veins dilate and enlarge, They then become more filled with blood. This filling causes further vein distention, which leads to increased symptoms. As the veins distend and fill, they become heavy. The heavy leg then becomes tired. As the nerves in the vein wall are distended, the leg can feel tender, discomfort, pain, crampy, etc. Also, as the veins dilate in the heat, the distention and increased filling makes varicose veins enlarge and more visible. So, although the summer sun doesn't "cause" varicose veins, the increased temperature from the summer sun can make them worse.

Sun exposure has been blamed for accelerating the development of facial spider veins, but the role in formation of varicose veins of the legs likely is minimal. The primarily factors contributing to development of varicose veins of the lower extremities are genetics, obesity, and prolonged sitting or standing.

No it may seem worse in the summer due to the heat. The heat causes the veins to dilate and may make them look worse.

No the sun doesn't cause varicose veins. The treatment of choice for varicose veins is endovenous laser ablation not surgery. Please consider this when seeking treatment.

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