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Does temperature have a lasting effect on varicose veins?

I currently live in Denver and I've noticed that when the temperature is colder, my varicose veins show less than when it is warm. Does living in a certain climate have long term effects on how visible varicose veins are?


Doctors Answers (4)

Veins are temperature regulators so they help dissipate heat when it is hot. This is why when you are hot or sweaty your veins are more prominent. The veins are close to the skin and help to dissipate heat. When you are cold your body tries to shunt the blood to your insides to help stay warmer. This is a natural phenomenon. It does not affect varicose veins in any way and occurs in everyone.

Definitely. Varicose veins are going to become more engorged during the summer months and more symptomatic than during cold weather.

No relation that I'm aware of. The higher altitude has less atmospheric pressure and veins usually distend more.

That is a good question and to a small extent climate has a small effect . Your veins are more visible in warmer climates and less visible in cooler climates. But the prevalence and progression of the vein disease is not affected by the climate.

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