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Does vitamin K help remove spider veins?

This question was asked in Branchville, Alabama and has 5 answer(s) as of 12/03/2012.
Could taking vitamin K help my spider veins that are on my hands and legs?


Doctors Answers (5)

Unlikely. Lots of people take vitamin K and still get spider veins.

Topical Vitamin K is of questionable value applied to very small spider veins and its effectiveness is modest to nonexistent . Oral Vitamin K is a pro-clotting factor which could have significant increased risks of clots if taken as a supplement that is not prescribed for other reasons. I would not recommend using Vitamin K for spider veins.

No, vitamins will not help with the removal of spider veins. Thank you for your question.

The short answer is No. Vitamin K intake will not remove spider veins. Actually, no medicine pill can do that.

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