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How can I relieve complications caused by deep vein thrombosis?

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I just spent nine months getting my leg ulcers to heal. I have had two deep vein thromboses for 21 years. Is there anything new in this field that can give me some relief? How can I prevent another DVT from occurring?


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For most patients who have experienced recurring DVT, they need to be anticoagulated to reduce the likelihoood of a recurrent clotting episode. Most need to wear elastic compression stockings as well. If the patient is obese, weight loss is helpful. It is wise to avoid tobacco and drugs which may promote clotting, such as estrogens or testosterone. Any patient who has leg ulcers and a history of deep vein thrombosis should have high quality imaging by ultrasound, CT, or MR to evaluate the iliac veins in the pelvis for obstruction due to scar tissue from previous clotting. Stenting of iliac vein obstructions can be very helpful in managing venous leg ulcers or preventing recurrence of venous leg ulcers. Discuss these issues with a vascular specialist.

You should have a blood test to check for clotting factors. Compression hose, professionally measured and fitted of at least 30 mmHg, drink lots fluids and exercise regularly. Lose weight if it is an issue.

You should be wearing compression hose 30 to 40 mm/hg daily. This helps with post phlebitic syndrome. You may want to see a vascular surgeon and see if there is anything they can do - at this point probably not much. I would get an ultrasound and see where you have the problems and see if there is any thing to consider stenting if you have an underlying cause like May Thurner or something else. The most important thing is good foot care, elevating your legs at night, wearing compression hose during the day from the minute you wake up, and moisturizing the legs.

You should check with your physician to consider the cause of the DVT, and anti-coagulation external compression with stockings is also very helpful in many cases.

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