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How are spider veins treated on the face and around the eyes?

I have spider-looking veins right below my eyes, on my temples, and behind my ears. Is it possible to remove spider-veins if they are in these delicate locations? I am especially worried that treatment would damage my eyes. What would be the best stress-free treatment for spider-veins on the face?


Doctors Answers (4)

Isolated spider veins on the face or due to Rosacea are commonly treated using a vascular laser or possibly Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). The proper choice of laser would depend on your skin color, amount of tan and sun exposure, and the size and location of the veins to be treated. The eyes are covered with a metal shield and there is typically no down-time with these treatments. Possible side effects include temporary bruising and skin irritation. Pre-cooling and post-cooling of the skin is advised for both comfort and safety. The experience is often described as a rubber-band snap sensation with each laser pulse.

There are several devices that work well and all have a little discomfort.

Great question. In our center we treat most facial veins using laser. There are different lasers for different types and sizes of veins. Providing we can pull the skin under the eye down over the bone, it can be treated. Temple veins also are treatable but should be done by experienced practitioners. There can be small arteries in this area. There should not be a problem with the area behind the ears. Mostly we do these treatments using ice to numb and cool before and after laser with good effect. Topical anesthetic can be used also, but is not typically needed.

Unfortunately we do not treat any facial veins at this time, and any questions should be referred to an osmotic surgeon. Thank you for the inquiry.

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