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How big are the scars left behind after varicose vein surgery?

How big are the scars left behind after varicose vein surgery? I feel like I have nice skin other than the veins and I don't want any big scars after getting treated.


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In the past, a number of procedures were done that stripped the veins surgically and left visible scars. Varicose veins can now be treated with a number of techniques with the best choice depending on the size and location of the varicose vein(s). In our clinic we use a microphlebectomy technique for veins that are both large and close to the surface of the skin, causing them to be easily visible. The veins are evaluated by ultrasound and sources of venous reflux are first treated. Then the visible portion of the vein is anesthetized and segments are removed through 1mm punctures along the side of the vein. This is a comfortable office procedure with excellent cosmetic results. The 1 mm puncture sites are small so that no suture is required and the sites after treatment are covered with a medical grade tape for 1 week. Following the procedure there is typically no staining and it is not possible to tell where the vein previously showed under the skin. The puncture sites are typically also not visible at the 1 month follow-up exam, so there are no visible scars from these modern techniques.

Most varicose vein procedures leave either no visible scar or an occasional scar no more than 2 to 3 mm long. The needs of each patient are different and the healing may vary, but large scars are very unusual with modern techniques.

Usually the scars are microscopic and only a few mm in diameter. Depending on the treatment, sometimes we can do treatments without incisions by using small catheters for the endovenous laser or going in with a needle instead of making an incision for the phlebectomies and endovenous laser procedures.

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