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How can I get rid of my under-eye veins?

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I have blue veins under both my eyes and I would like to know how I can get rid of them? What is the safest treatment for this area? I do not want to risk losing my vision in any way.


Doctors Answers (3)

There is a very small risk of blindness as a complication of sclerotherapy near the eyes. Small blue veins under the eyes can be treated with phlebectomy - removal of the veins through tiny incisions with small hooks, under local anesthesia.

For treating small red spider veins on the face and under the eyes, a vascular laser used with appropriate eye shields is effective and safe. For the blue reticular veins under the eyes, our clinic will do a microphlebectomy, which is the physical removal of these small surface skin veins through a few 1mm punctures along the side of the vein and then remove the visible vein segments. This is a minor office procedure, but should be done by a physician with experience in vein treatments. The microphlebectomy is a comfortable office procedure, usually causes some mild bruising, and the puncture marks heal well usually with no visible marks. Superficial veins below the eye are for skin drainage, so the eye circulation is not involved. The vein will not be missed as you have abundant collateral venous circulation and in general, veins are quickly replaced (if needed) over your lifetime so you will never "run out of veins."

Providing the blue veins can be pulled down over the bone, they can be treated with laser. We do not inject, but some practices do. Both laser and sclerotherapy for these veins are considered an advanced expertise procedure, so find someone experienced. Laser works nicely, takes only 1-3 treatments with little aftereffects. Maybe a little local swelling and the vein may look darker for a while. Very rarely is there bruising. All precautions are taken including block-out steel goggles.

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