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How can I improve poor circulation?

My hands and feet get slightly red or pink throughout, someone told me it's because I have poor circulation. Recently more and more small varicose veins have been appearing on my legs and around my ankles. Is this because of my poor circulation? Is there anything I can do to improve my circulation?


Doctors Answers (7)

It is difficult to say if you have poor circulation without seeing your spider veins. Unfortunately, these symptoms may be caused by a combination of genetics and risk factors. Pregnancy, prolonged standing and obesity are few of the more common risk factors. You can improve your circulation by regular exercise but you may still need treatment. Please contact our office for further questions, we will be happy to help.

Some people have slightly different circulation they may get pink, red or purple feet usually in response to temperature changes. This is a slightly more reactive circulation, not really bad circulation. This is really a separate issue than varicose veins. Varicose veins by definition are associated with poor circulation but just to the skin and usually normal vein circulation to 95% of the tissues in the leg. Wearing gloves and compression sock may help. Staying fit and active will help as well.

Arrange to see a phlebologist for an evaluation. It is important to determine whether you have a problem before formulating treatment plans.

You will need to be evaluated by a vascular specialist for both arterial and venous systems. The poor circulation can be related to both, but most likely mostly due to the arterial component.

A complete evaluation by your doctor is a good idea. Your problems probably have a solution. Don't wait too long.

Many people have changes in their hands and feet similar to what you descibe. Generally it isn't a problem but I recommend discussing with your PCP. However if you are developing varicose veins in your legs and ankles I would advise a full evaluation by a surgeon who specializes in treating vein disease. He will perform an ultrasound examination and get a full history from you. Most likely these two things are unrelated.

It's probable there's nothing wrong with your arterial circulation, unless you're a senior citizen. If you are above the age of 70, and have burning pain in your thighs, calves or forefoot, when you walk or when you climb one flight of stairs, then you could be suffering from some degree of arterial insufficiency. The telangiectatic veins you report around your ankles, is a tell tale sign that you may have chronic venous hypertension resulting from valvular insufficiency in the veins of your legs. You should see a venous circulation specialist or a vascular surgeon for an opinion. Arterial circulation can be improved by walking.

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