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How can I keep chronic venous insufficiency from getting worse?

My doctor thinks I may have chronic vein insufficiency. I have had varicose veins for years now. I am waiting to go back to confirm the diagnosis, but I want to know what can cause chronic venous insufficiency? Do varicose veins automatically cause it? What can I do to prevent it from getting worse and/or to cure it?


Doctors Answers (1)

You should be evaluated by a Board Certified vascular surgeon who specializes in treating varicose veins. He/she will perform an ultrasound examination to establish if there is reflux (back flow) in your saphenous veins and deep vein. If the saphenous veins reflux and the deep systems are intact, you should consider laser ablation to seal the vein. This is a chronic problem and will continue to get worse. Symptoms such as heaviness, aching, cramping, skin changes, and restlessness are common and later ulcers can develop in the ankles. The most important reason to be checked and treated is that when blood is not flowing well it is more likely to clot. This can be superficial, but can lead to deep vein clots in some cases.

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