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How can I maintain healthy veins?

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What can I do to keep my veins healthy and avoid varicose veins? My mother has varicose veins and I want to keep my legs looking good and healthy but I don't know what I can do.


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It is impossible to avoid varicose veins completely as vein disease is hereditary. If your mother has varicose veins there is a good chance you will get them. You can keep your legs healthy by walking. Walking is the best thing you can do for your legs.

You can try to keep a healthy weight, prevent prolonged standing, wear compression hose if you need to stand for long periods and regular exercise.

Maintain a normal body weight, engage in moderate physical exercise, avoid prolonged sitting or standing when feasible, exercise your calf muscles frequently when sitting or standing, and wear elastic support hose on a routine daily basis.

You cannot prevent the traits you inherited from your parents, but you can exercise frequently and avoid gaining too much weight. Also, wearing compression stockings may retard the development of varicosities.

Stay fit, as close to ideal weight as possible, stay active and avoid prolonged standing or sitting in one place. These are the most important controllable factor for vein health.

Well stay active, maintain appropriate weight, use appropriate medical grade compression stockings. Look up "VENOTONICS" and make an appointment for an evaluation of your venous system. There is a 70% chance you will get this.

I would recommend regular walking and mild aerobic exercise/activities to help maintain a good venous blood return. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol use. When you find that you are pregnant, start wearing maternity compression hose throughout the pregnancy and for 1-2 months after. Continue regular walking and mild aerobic exercise/activities during the pregnancy which will help minimize vein problems and help with the pregnancy. If you have to stand for long periods during the day (such as a teacher) then also consider wearing a light compression hose on your legs at work.

Staying in good general health, maintaining weight, regular exercise and avoiding smoking. However if you have the genetic pre-disposition for varicose veins, it is advisable to include a low grade of measured and fitted compression especially if standing or sitting for long periods at work. Additionally it is highly recommended to wear a good quality medical compression throughout pregnancy. While this cannot prevent varicose veins, it can certainly slow down the process.

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