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How can I remove ugly veins from my legs?

This question was asked in Concord, California and has 4 answer(s) as of 08/02/2012.
I just realized one of my veins behind my knees busted. Now I have really nasty veins showing. I would like them to be removed so that I have better looking legs. How can I remove the vein?


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Your best option is to meet with a Phlebologist or vein specialist. Dr. Warren is a Diplomate of the American Board of Phlebology and offers a complimentary consultation. At that consult you will receive an ultrasound evaluation and a diagnostic care plan. It is at this time you will be shown how those veins will be eliminated and all of your questions will be answered concerning the process. If not taken care of by an individual experienced with venous disorders, it is possible for more complications to occur with treatment.

There are several methods used to remove unsightly leg veins. Modern treatments do not involve surgical removal. Instead, we close these dysfunctional veins down and they gradually get broken down by the body and vanish over time. Treatment methods include foam sclerotherapy, endovenous ablation, and microphlebectomy. The treatment plan is tailored to the specific individual. What is best for one person may not be the best for another. If you have bulging varicose veins, you would need an ultrasound examination to determine the source of the problem. This will help your doctor make a treatment plan for your specific problem. The good news is that most vein problems can be treated without surgery. To find out your specific treatment options, you would need to see a vein specialist. I recommend finding a vein specialist who offers all treatment types, because vein treatments are not 'one size fits all.'

You need to be seen by a vein specialist. You will likely need an ultrasound (done in our office and covered by insurance. This will tell us if you need laser or sclerotherapy treatments to remove these veins.

Please contact a varicose vein specialist (a Phlebologist) in your area. You may find it helpful to go to the website to help find one.

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