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How can I treat back veins?

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I have varicose type terrible veins on my back. Is that normal? What type of treatment can I have on them because I don't know how they're different from regular leg veins. Any suggestions?


Doctors Answers (9)

You should be evaluated by an experienced vascular surgeon to evaluate any underlying cause for these veins before you attempt to have them treated. It is very unusual to have varicose veins on the back.

You need to see an experienced vein specialist for an evaluation.

You probably have spider veins on your back. I doubt they are varicose veins

Leg varicose veins are extremely common, but prominent back veins are very unusual. See a vein specialist to make sure there is no underlying cause.

It is unusual to have varicose (large ropey) veins on the back and the cause may be due to some type of obstruction. Depending on the location of these back veins, an ultrasound exam or venogram X-ray may be helpful to diagnose the reason for these veins being dilated. Treatment may include either sclerotherapy injections or a micro-phlebectomy to remove the veins.

Varicose veins in your back are very rare and unusual location. I suggest you discuss this with your family doctor for appropriate guidance.

Varicose veins on the back are not very common but they do occur. After an evaluation by a vein specialist, the treatment is usually sclerotherapy.

That is difficult to answer without seeing them, and is an atypical presentation you should make an appointment with a physician

I would seek out a trained specialist for a hands on evaluation. Ultrasound mapping will be needed to evaluate.

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