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How can I treat spider veins on my face?

I have spider veins on my cheeks and chin. I want to get them treated, but don’t want to do any procedures that might injure my face. How can I safely treat these spider veins? What are the risks of trying to remove them?


Doctors Answers (6)

The best way to treat the spider veins on your face is with pulsed light therapy. There are many different devices on the market. We achieve great results with our palomar machine. The treatment is quick with minimal discomfort. Typically you need three treatments, about a month apart, to achieve results.

Lasers are usually used for spider veins on the face. The risks are potential skin irritation and possibly a burn if the settings are too high or the laser is not appropriate for your skin type (amount of pigmentation). It is generally a safe procedure, and I would recommend getting treated at a clinic that does these types of treatments on the face regularly.

You can treat them with laser, radio frequency (vein Gogh), or occasional injections. You should see a physician.

There are several advanced non surgical methods available to get rid of these spider veins. They are simple procedures that take 15-30 minutes with 2-5 sessions. Then, annual maintenance is a good idea to keep them in check.

These are best managed by a cosmetic surgeon or a plastic surgeon.

Facial spider veins may be treated using sclerotherapy for thicker ones and either laser or radiofrequency ("VeinGogh") for finer ones. Risks are minimal with experienced physicians.

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