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How can VNUS help remove varicose veins?

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How can the VNUS procedure help to remove veins? I have had varicose veins for over 7 years and I want to know the best procedure.


Doctors Answers (2)

VNUS is a very effective technique to treat varicose veins due to great or small saphenous vein reflux. It works well for these relatively straight vessels, but it is hard to use in vessels that are sharply curved, or "tortuous." Laser is a little more flexible and can be used in cases in which the VNUS radiofrequency catheter is too stiff. Foam sclerotherapy can be used for particularly tortuous vessels. When a venous network is particularly complicated, and when control of the treatment zone is necessary, it is helpful to combine ultrasound with X-ray guidance. This technique is referred to as an embolization. I like using VNUS for many patients, but the best therapy for you depends on your particular veins. Find a specialist, and see what he or she recommends.

While VNUS does nor remove varicose veins, it is one of two excellent methods used to eliminate the deeper saphenous veins that cause varicose veins to surface. Sometimes treating just the saphenous vein with radiofrequency (VNUS) or laser ablation will relieve the pressure flooding the surface varicosities. More often than not, they may shrink but still require either sclerotherapy or phlebectomy to remove them.

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