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How do ayurveda treatments work for spider veins?

I've heard that ayurveda treatments (using marigold extract) are really beneficial for spider veins. How do ayuverda treatments work? How do natural treatments like this compare to clinical procedures?


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I have not found any medical studies proving effectiveness of these gold treatments. The standard of care is treating spider veins with sclerotherapy.

Ayurvedic refers to a system of traditional east Indian medicine as a form of alternative medicine treatment. There are concerns about Ayurvedic products sold via the internet containing toxic levels of lead, mercury and arsenic and toxic compounds with a lack of quality control in Ayurvedic facilities. Topical medicines have never shown more than minimal improvement in the treatment of spider veins. The gold standard is sclerotherapy, and depending on skin type and location, laser can be effective for spider veins.

I am unaware of any effective "natural " treatments. Sclerotherapy is usually the treatment of choice.

Spider veins are typically something which is inherited. There are many "natural" treatments, meaning they have a plant or mineral base. Applied topically, they many temporarily relieve symptoms such as itching or burning, but are unlikely to penetrate into the vein to fade them. There have not been definitive, controlled studies. On the internet, there are many links, but most of them are foreign, and much of the information is unscientific and incorrect. The gold standard medically to date is to inject the veins with a sclerosing solution. There are two which have FDA approval, Sotradecol and Asclera, and both have a very long safety record, even before FDA patents. Providing treatments are done by an experienced Sclerotherapist, the results are good.

I don't believe that ayurveda treatments work for spider veins.

If ayurveda works for spider veins, it will certainly put a lot of people out of work, won't it? In reality, there is no holistic, pharmaceutical, or dietary method which can eliminate spider veins, leaving ablation by injection (sclerotherapy) or radiofrequency (VeinGogh) as the only effective games in town.

There are no comparisons that I'm aware of. If this works for you, then there's no harm in using it.

NO studies have shown that these help.

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