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How do blood thinners affect vein treatment?

I am on blood thinners and have been for a while, is it possible to treat my varicose veins if I am on this kind of medication? Should I stop taking it before treatment? Is there a chance that I won't have to take medication anymore after treatment?


Doctors Answers (7)

Typically you can continue your blood thinners will being treated for your vein disease. You will need to speak to your vein doctor to make sure that your particular treatment is safe while on your medication.

If you have been diagnosed with saphenous reflux and are a candidate for laser ablation, I do not have my patients stop blood thinners. If there are large bulging varicosities present I do not remove these (microphlebectomy) but wait several months to see how much these shrink down. Statistically 50% may resolve therefore decreasing the need for intervention. Smaller veins can be successfully removed or injected on blood thinners.

We treat patients on aspirin and coumadin for varicose veins in our clinic. You can expect some additional bruising but treatment is basically the same. Discuss with your vein specialist the condition you have that is the reason for being on a blood thinner. Since there are many reasons for being on a blood thinner, without knowing the details it is hard to be more specific in recommending holding your medicine or continuing. If you are a cardiac patient or have had a significant blood clot then do not make any decisions on your own without discussing with your other doctors.

We do not stop blood thinners to treat varicose veins. If you are on blood thinners because of a blood clot you should stay on the medication for varicose vein treatment as the risk of the procedure is that of a blood clot. It depends on the reason you are on the medication and what your risks are in order to tell you if there is a chance you won't need blood thinners anymore.

Varicose veins can be treated in your case. You may need to hold thinners for a few days and then restart after treatment. Treating your veins will not change your need for the thinners.

Generally speaking, varicose vein treatment is not related to the use of blood thinners.

It depends why you are on blood thinners but usually we do not stop them to treat or after treatment. You should speak to a physician regarding your exact situation.

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