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How do I find the right doctor for varicose veins treatment?

This question was asked in Irvine, California and has 8 answer(s) as of 09/29/2014.
I have been to many different doctors looking for varicose veins treatment. But there have been very poor results. I still cannot wear a dress and I want to be able to do so with confidence for once in my life. How do I find the right doctor for varicose veins treatment?


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Well you have found the right place. I am a varicose vein specialist (Phlebologist) also board certified by the American Board of Phlebology. I have two location, one in San Antonio and one in Kerrville Texas. I can evaluate your veins and tell you what you will need to do to accomplish your goal of having nice attractive legs. By the way most insurance's will pay for symptomatic varicose veins to be treated. Please call to make your appointment today if you want us to help.

Those of us who practice in treating varicose and spider veins are called Phlebologists. We spend the majority or all of our practice to treating abnormal veins. I recommend that you look for someone who is a Phlebologist. Our national organization is called the American College of Phlebology.

Talk to you physicians and to your acquaintances about their experiences. Generally, you are better off with a physician who treats veins full-time rather than one who has not devoted his entire practice to venous disorders. A physician who is a diplomate of the American Board of Phlebology has demonstrated significant experience treating venous disease and has passed the only examination for physicians to measure their knowledge of venous diseases.

The most important way to choose a vein specialist is check around. Ask friends and family and look for one physician's name that keeps popping up. It's important to find a physicians who specializes only in veins and is board certified.

This is not a problem unique to treatment of varicose veins. We look for this when we need any type of service. Family, friends, colleagues, and social media probably provide the best review of a physician who is performing varicose vein treatment in today's world. Credentials that a physician has play a role in how knowledgeable a doctor is in their field of expertise. The American Board of Phlebology certifying exam started six years ago. There are less than 600 physicians nationwide who have pass this exam. This exam is not necessary at this time to provide patients with varicose vein treatments. Physicians who are taking this exam are striving to provide quality varicose vein treatment to their patients. I am taking the exam this April to show my dedication to providing quality varicose vein care. I recommend you go to the American Board of Phlebology website and search for a vein specialist in your area who is a diplomat of the board.

The right doctor for you is one who understands your concerns and expectations and address them. That may not mean that he is able fulfill your expectations, he may only be able to explain what he can do which may help. good luck!

Great question. To find the "right doctor" Experience, Experience, Experience Has the physician performed the procedure you need for several years? I'd suggest interviewing the physician prior to having any treatment performed. Have your old records available for review. Is treating varicose veins the major portion of the physician's practice Ask the new physician what they are going to do that's different from the prior treatments you have had. A Duplex ultrasound should be performed as part of the assessment.

Difficult question as there are several specialists who do veins. I would recommend someone who is board certified by the American college of phlebology. Though this is not recognized by the ABMS it does show some interest, experience and some level of knowledge in veins that they passed an exam in veins.

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