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How do spider veins begin?

I don't like spider veins and I don't want to get them when I get older. How to spider veins begin? What can trigger them to appear for the first time? I want to know so I can avoid things that might cause them.


Doctors Answers (4)

Unfortunately, there is very little you can do to alter your fate with regard to getting common spider or varicose veins. It is an inherited condition which cannot be cured, and it progresses with age. However, various treatments are available to help keep it under control. However, because there a number of other diseases that can cause certain patterns of spider veins aside from inherited ones, consult with a vein specialist.

Spider veins can be caused by an increase of blood flow in your veins from numerous risk factors: pregnancy, standing for long periods of time, heavy lifting, running, and obesity. Your genetics will determine if you have a higher chance of developing the spider veins. People with a weaker collagen type are at higher risk for developing these veins. If you begin to notice any spider veins, you can start wearing prescription compression hose to help prevent more from developing.

Spider veins on the legs can result from pregnancies, prolonged standing (often work-related), wearing high heeled shoes, and all the mild traumas of every day life. Consider wearing maternity hose if you get pregnant, avoid high heeled shoes, walk more often and remember that spider veins are easily treated when they become an obvious problem

70-95 percent of the time it's genetic. A complete evaluation with your phlebologist ( will help you determine the significance of your problem and map out a long-term plan to slow progression.

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