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How does Cushing's disease affect spider veins?

I have Cushing's disease, which has given me a lot of spider veins. I want to get them treated, but I'm afraid it won't do me a lot of good. How does Cushing's disease affect the treatment of spider veins? If I get my spider veins treated, how long will it be until they come back?


Doctors Answers (5)

It may increase your risk of spider veins, but they can be treated effectively. It is impossible to tell how quickly you will get new veins. You should wear prescription compression hose to prevent worsening of the veins.

The spider vein are caused by the thinning of the skin. Once the disease is controlled or cured, they should not necessarily come back if treated. However, Cushing's Disease might make them more difficult to treat.

The excess cortisone from Cushing's Disease induces the formation of spider veins. This can be improved by periodic spider vein treatments, but the process cannot be halted aside from control of Cushing's. It is difficult to predict how long treatments would last, but it is worth giving it a try. Sclerotherapy works best for most leg veins while radiofrequency (VeinWave or VeinGogh) works best for thin fine spider veins.

There is very little information on the treatment of spider veins in patients with Cushing's since spider veins are essentially cosmetic problem. Focus your resources on the Cushing's disease until it is stabilized.

Spider veins can be treated and they do not come back; however, new spider veins can form. It is a lifetime battle, and you must have a maintenance program to keep them under control.

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